Fun & Friendly Lang Ex / 楽しく気軽にランゲージエクスチェ­ンジ (Otemachi Café Wednesday)
日本語は英語の後にあります。 Language exchange with a difference; topic based with "8" rounds (4 English/4 日本語) which creates great energy & language practice opportunities and increases the # of fellow members we meet. More good reasons to join; - structure that optimizes fun & original speaking practice - different fun & interesting topics - the location; Otemachi is in central Tokyo and has very convenient access - the venue is spacious, comfortable & has a very nice ambience - our own private space - it's a reasonably priced café; drinks are ¥500. This event is as it says; language exchange - it is THE focus of the event If you're a tourist interested in culture exchange and/or a friendly environment to speak to Japanese please join us too. A breakdown of the event; 7:20pm - 7:25pm : Meetup time. In front of the Starbucks in Otemachi Building that's near exits A4 & A5 turnstiles/改札口 & Otemachi 2 Chome exit. Kaiteki Cafe is also in Otemachi Building and is near the Starbucks. Look for the Meetup sign. Going direct anytime from 7:30pm works too. 7:30pm - 7:35pm : Get a drink & preparation time 7:35pm - 7:55pm : 10 minutes of English conversation/ practice followed by 10 minutes of Japanese conversation/ practice. Let's try help each other practice as much as we can 7:55pm - 8pm : Break time. Do as you'd like 8pm - 8:30pm : 15 minutes of Japanese conversation/ practice followed by 15 minutes of English conversation/ practice. Let's try help each other practice as much as we can 8:30pm - 8:35pm : Break time. Do as you'd like 8:35pm - 9:05pm : 15 minutes of English conversation/ practice followed by 15 minutes of Japanese conversation/ practice. Let's try help each other practice as much as we can 9:05pm - 9:10pm : Break time. Do as you'd like 9:10pm - 9:30pm : 10 minutes of Japanese conversation/ practice followed by 10 minutes of English conversation/ practice. Let's try help each other practice as much as we can. Joining fee : International tourists : Free Japanese ladies : ¥500 Japan based internationals : ¥500 Japanese gentlemen : ¥1 000. Notes : - This format means you should have at least eight language exchange partners during the event. Please don't ask to change partners - This event is for English & Japanese language exchange only. In future we might try incorporating other languages - All levels of English & Japanese are welcome - No teaching experience is needed - This is a non smoking event. For smokers there's a separate smoking section. このランゲージエクスチェンジは少し変わっていて、トピックをもとに、素晴らしいエネルギーと言語を練習する機会を作り、より多くの仲間との出会いを増やす8ラウンド(英語を4ラウンド/日本語を4ラウンド)を実施します さらにオススメする理由; - 楽しく独自のスピーキング練習を強化した構成 -他とは違った楽しく興味深いトピックを各テーブルに準備 -場所は、都心でどこからでもアクセスの良い大手町 -私たちだけのプライベートスペース -種類豊富なドリンクが500円で楽しみます!赤ワイン、白ワイン、生ビール、ジントニック、ハイボール、ソフトドリンク等...... -いわゆるランゲージエクスチェンジですので、言語にフォーカスするイベントです。 もし、あなたが旅行者で、カルチャーエクスチェンジや日本の人と気軽に話す環境に興味があれば、ぜひご参加ください。 [当日のスケジュール] 7:20pm - 7:25pm: 大手町ビル内にあるスターバックス前に集合。大手町駅A4/A5出口または大手町2丁目出口からすぐです。Kaiteki Cafeも大手町ビルの中にあり、スターバックスの近くです。 7:30pm以降、お店に直接お越し頂いても大丈夫です。 7:30pm以降、直接いらっしゃっても構いません。 7:30pm - 7:35pm: ドリンクを購入&準備の時間です。 7:35pm - 7:55pm: 10分の英会話練習の後、10分の日本語会話練習をします。できるだけお互いの練習を助け合いましょう。 7:55pm - 8pm: 休憩時間です。お好きにお過ごしください。 8pm - 8:30pm: 15分の日本語会話練習の後、10分の英会話練習をします。できるだけお互いの練習を助け合いましょう。 8:30pm - 8:35pm: 休憩時間です。お好きにお過ごしください。 8:35pm - 9:05pm: 15分の英会話練習の後、10分の日本語会話練習をします。できるだけお互いの練習を助け合いましょう。 9:05pm - 9:10pm: 休憩時間です。お好きにお過ごしください。 9:10pm - 9:30pm: 10分の日本語会話練習の後、10分の英会話練習をします。できるだけお互いの練習を助け合いましょう。 [参加費] 外国からの旅行者 : ¥0 日本人女性: ¥500 日本在住の外国人 : ¥500 日本人男性: ¥1000。 [注意事項] -このイベントの形式では、少なくても8人のランゲージエクスチェンジパートナーと組むことになります。パートナー変更の申し出はご遠慮ください。 -このイベントは、英語&日本語のランゲージエクスチェンジのみです。将来的には、他の言語を組み込む可能性もあります。 -どんなレベルの英語&日本語でも歓迎です。 -教育経験は不要です。 -このイベントは禁煙です。喫煙される方は、別の喫煙場所があります。

Kaiteki Café

Chiyoda Ku, Otemachi, 1-6-1 · 東京都




Guidance of the Japanese can be found after the English.

Are you looking for an opportunity to practice English or Japanese in a comfortable, relaxing, fun & serious environment? Then this Meetup is for you!

All levels welcome and NO Teaching experience is needed.

I started this group because I know so many language learners are looking for a comfortable situation to practice English or Japanese and meet local / foreign people. This Language Exchange Meetup will endeavor to create a situation where there are small groups of 2/3/4 and not big groups of 6/7/8 members with only one English speaker. As I'm sure you're aware the best way to learn a language is to interact directly & maximize output.

We host 4 or 5 events every week in convenient areas such as Shibuya, Omotesando. Shimbashi, Ikebukuro. Shiodome & Otemachi and fortunately we're lucky to have exclusive access to private event space & great deals!

So come get your practice opportunity with us!

Looking forward to you joining us in your language practice zone!

More feel free to do it while having fun, and does not seriously Irasshaimasu are finding the opportunity to practice English or Japanese?

If you are interested in more practice a foreign language, please come and participate to this meetup.

Also to welcome people of Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced any level, not people that took part in the language exchange until now is also welcome!

This language exchange group was created for people who are looking for a place to learn to feel the English and Japanese, while the international exchange as everyone.

Also in this group is not a group study of six / seven / eight to one native speaker, we wanted to make full advantage of the environment, such as can individual lessons in a one-to-one pair.

As also you know everyone, shortcut to improve the foreign language is to speak to chat directly with native speakers! It is we would like to offer as much as possible the location of the individual lessons, such as get to speak a lot of English is everyone that is participating in this meetup group. Why do not the practice of English and Japanese come together?

The venue will host the Ikebukuro and Shibuya in alternating weekly. The lessons of the location of the venue 1 you will be able to study using this opportunity to the fullest because done by Kashiki~tsu the area.

I am very much looking forward it can be your study with everyone。

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