• 東京ヴィーガンミートアップピクニック Tokyo Vegan Meetup Picnic @ 新宿中央公園 Shinjuku Chuo Park 11/27

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    今年最後のピクニック!11月27日(日)に新宿中央公園でヴィーガンブランチピクニックにごまた参加ください。 公園のすぐ西にあるMORETHAN BAKERYからSUNDAY VEGANオファーのパン、サンドイッチを入手する絶好の機会です(100%ヴィーガンは日曜日のみ)! 近くには2つのスターバックスもあります。新宿中央公園の中と公園の北にある新宿グリーンタワービルの中にあります。

    時間:午後12時 ー 午後2時
    場所:新宿中央公園 イベントの正確な場所は当日お知らせします
    RSVP: "参加する"をクリックしてください。

    持ち物:マスク、自分用のレジャーシート, 自分用のヴィーガン弁当/飲み物。近くにMORETHAN BAKERYやスターバックスがあります。



    1. イベント当日、体温をチェックし、通常よりも高い場合や、ご自身や身近な人が少しでも体調不良を感じた場合は、参加をご遠慮ください。



    東京ヴィーガンミートアップ オーガナイザ

    Last vegan picnic of the year! Please join us once again for a Vegan Brunch Picnic in Shinjuku Chuo Park on Sunday, November 27th (Sunday). It's a great opportunity to get bread, sandwiches and pastries from the SUNDAY VEGAN offer from MORETHAN BAKERY just west of the park (100% vegan only on Sundays)! There are also two Starbucks locations nearby, one in the park and one in the Shinjuku Green Tower Building across the street north of the park.

    Date: November 27th (Sunday)
    Time: 12 pm - 2 pm
    Price: Free
    Place: We will drop a pin on the day with the exact location in Shinjuku Chuo Park
    RSVP: Please click "Going" on the Meetup event

    What to bring: a picnic mat (personal use), vegan food and drinks (for just yourself), a trash bag. MORETHAN Bakery and Starbucks nearby.
    *We ask that you don't bring any non-vegan food/drinks.

    Masks: masks are not required, but please respect everyone's personal space and be mindful that COVID-19 numbers are currently on the rise in Japan and there are vulnerable people even among vegans.

    COVID-19 Guidelines:

    Tokyo Vegan is committed to diversity and inclusion. To safeguard the health of all members of this group, especially those who live with, or are themselves especially vulnerable to the effects of COVID-19, we ask that attendees:
    1. Check your temperature on the day of the event and don't attend if it is higher than usual or if you or any of your close contacts feel at all unwell.
    2. Please consider wearing a mask.

    All are welcome, vegan or not, with friends or by yourself.

    We are really looking forward to seeing old friends and welcoming new ones!!

    See you soon!

    Tokyo Vegan Meetup Organizers

  • ヴィーガンのクリスマスマーケット 12/11 Vegan Christmas Market

    (English follows)

    2 年連続で、渋谷のザ・ハイブ神南で開催されるヴィーガンクリスマスマーケットにご招待いたします。

    多種多様なヴィーガンフードとドリンク、クルエルティフリー ギフト、ライブ ミュージック、ラッフルスタイルのチャリティー テーブルで、ホリデーシーズンの素晴らしいスタートを切れること間違いなしです! 地元の企業を支援するだけでなく、動物や地球を助けることになります!


    主催:Vegan Market JP
    協力:The Hive Japan

    📍場所:The Hive Jinnan


    出店者情報は随時追加していきますし、Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/veganmarketjp や FBのイベントページ https://fb.me/e/4a1DyVdtP にも追加していきますので、フォローして更新してください!!



    For a second year in a row, we are thrilled to invite you to Vegan Christmas Market at the Hive Jinnan in Shibuya!

    With a wide variety of vegan food and drinks, cruelty-free gifts, live music, and a raffle-style charity table, we are sure you’ll have a great start to the holiday season! You will be supporting local businesses, as well as helping animals and the planet!

    We can’t wait to share the festive atmosphere with you!

    Organizer: Vegan Market JP
    with the cooperation of: The Hive Japan

    📆 Date: Sunday, December 11th, 2022
    🕒 Time: 11:00am to 6:00pm
    📍 Where: The Hive Jinnan

    Although this is a market event - not an actual meetup - Tokyo Vegan Organizers will be there to welcome you, and we hope there will be an opportunity to hang out and socialize on the spacious outdoor terrace and in Kitaya park directly across from the Hive.

    Vendor information will be added on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/veganmarketjp and the Facebook event page: https://fb.me/e/4a1DyVdtP, so please follow for updates!!

    If you are planning to come, please RSVP "Going" as that helps the vendors know how much food to prepare!

    We are looking forward to seeing you there!