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This group is the only Meetup Group that recognizes that AGE MATTERS!!!

Most meetup members are between 20-30 years old and that leaves anyone in their mid thirties -mid fifties feeling a bit out of their normal social realm.

So if you FEEL for are a "40 Something" this group is specifically for you! Maybe you are in your 30's but feel more mature. Maybe you are in your 50's or 60's but "FEEL 40" than you are welcome to try this group out.

Friends are needed at all ages!!!! SO let's meet people in our own age group.

This group is for Internationals and Dutchies alike!

****November 2022 Update: Due to family emergencies abroad, I will be out of the NL for an unspecified time. If any member would like to host/post events for the group you are welcome to do so. Message me and I can give you hosting/posting abilities.

Apologies. Hopefully you can make this group what you like. It is already paid give it a try!