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ATAC is the Amsterdam Triathlon and Cycling club. Our objective is to promote, develop and foster the sports of triathlon and cycling. ATAC is a volunteer-led organization and requires a membership fee of €30 per year (€15 if you join after June 30). Click here for more information about how to join ATAC. (http://www.atac-club.nl/)

http://www.atac-club.nl/benefits (http://www.atac-club.nl/benefits/)/ (http://www.atac-club.nl/benefits/)Click here to see the membership benefits. (http://www.atac-club.nl/benefits/)

You’re welcome to join us for two free sessions before committing - just come along to a session and say hi.

More information on ATAC can be found on www.atac-club.nl. (http://www.atac-club.nl/)

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Geplande evenementen (5+)

Pavlova short steady ride

De Riekermolen (1636)

We will ride the ronde hoep at a steady slightly higher pace (29 km/h) followed by a slow chilled second loop. Please check your bike and tires before, make sure to bring water and a smile is compulsory !

Open Water Swimming - Sloterplas

Watersportcentrum Sloterplas

Dear ATACers, Let's kick-off open water 2019 season! We’ll meet at the Watersportcentrum Sloterplas, the sail club south-east of the lake. This location has a cafe with lockers that we can use to store our bags. We can then jump in the water from their platforms and swim from there. They close at 21h so plenty of time for a drink afterwards. NOTE: Do not get changed/put your wetsuit on next to dining/drinks and rather next to the deck/start point as we dont want to bother customers. The workout will change regularly, but you can expect some drills for form, intervals, long-distance swimming etc. Requirements: - Safety buoy: It is mandatory that you bring your own safety buoy. This way we can not only store our valuables but also be more visible in the water - Wetsuits are highly recommended, not only because of water temperature but also to train swimming in one - Colored swim cap: we recommend to swim in pairs when possible. We try to take all safety precautions possible but you are swimming as an individual and at your own risk when you come to these events - Towel *Meetup can be canceled at any time due to low water temperatures or any other bad weather conditions. So please check the Meetup page up to the last moment for updates

The Pavlova brick session


We will ride around 55 km (27 km/h) and run 5 km right off the bike. Please bring enough water and food since there will be no coffee stops. You can leave your running gear at my house before the ride - please arrive here at 9:30 - and your bike at the backyard while we run. Nice opportunity to have a little taste of tri feeling.. AND, there will be Pavlova for the finishers, as promissed !

Gran Fondo Veluwe

Heeft een locatie nodig

A nice Sunday ride through the nature reserve of Veluwe with quite some climbing to be done (yes, really!). Three distances: 90, 130 and 160kms. We are planning to buy the tickets on the spot so that we can easily cancel should the weather conditions turn against us ;) You can find more info about the event here: https://www.granfondoveluwe.nl/#informatie The plan is to take the train around 7:30 in the morning to Apeldoorn and ride to Kasteel Cannenburch (start and finish village).

Vorige evenementen (1.963)

Wednesday Night Fast Ride - Wear your ATAC kit

Amsterdam Centraal Ferry Terminal

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