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Welcome to Americans in Amsterdam! A group for those interested in American culture. Both Americans and Non-Americans are encouraged to join in.... The more the merrier!

We will hold events on a regular basis aimed at bringing people together. The point of reference is: what do Americans like on a nite out?

Don't hesitate.... Sign up :)

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Dinner and Drinks Cruise @ IJ Amsterdam
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Cafetaria "Subway" ( Central Station Amsterdam Ferry Platforms, Northern Exit )

- Dinner and Drinks Cruise @ IJ Amsterdam - Join us for the amongst locals famous "Pancake Cruise".... With a lot more on your plate than just Pancakes :) - Costs - EUR 26,-- ( EUR 24,10 for the cruise and a EUR 1,90 fee for the host ). During the cruise eat as much as you like, pay for your own drinks. - When will this event take place? - As soon as a good number of people have signed up for this event, a date will be set :) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ - Detailed information - - The Experience - The Dinner and Drinks Cruise at IJ Amsterdamwill take place at a quit comfortable ship that departs from NDSM Area at 8 PM. The cruise ends at 10:30PM. To take part in this event promises to be a unique experience - you can sail and eat! The menu is easy to explain - during the entire two and a halve hour cruise you can eat as much Mexican Wraps as you like! - and the boattrip that comes with the deal is a special experience at itself! You will be on a boattrip over "Het IJ". Het IJ is the water between the Central Station, Muziekgebouw, KNSM Eiland and Amsterdam Noord. In this time of year the view on the Skyline is very beautiful indeed, so it's easy to say that you get the food for free on top of taking this boattrip :) - The Menu - During the delightful, two and a half hour long evening cruise the Pancake Boat takes you along the famous skyline and the imposing harbors of Amsterdam. Of course you may eat as many pancakes as you like, and the buffet is extended to include several warm dishes (like meat balls, chicken shoarma and warm vegetables) and an ice cream buffet. - Programm - The event starts at 6:45 PM, and ends at 11PM. This event starts at an easy to find Meetup Point on the backside of the Central Station. from there, we'll take the ferry to the site where the cruise starts. After the cruise, the host will take you back to the central station. - Famous Last Words - Don't hesitate - sign up :)

Dinner and Drinks @ Restaurant View, Amsterdam
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Restaurant View

- Believe what you see in Restaurant View, Amsterdam - Restaurant View (http://www.restaurant-view.nl/en/) most certainly is one of the places in town on any proper to do list :) - Tell me Why - Two hours of unlimited dining & drinking for a fixed price! In an easy going atmosphere and with a great view! Check the bothem of this page for detailed information - Costs - EUR 31,50 for the dining and drinking, to be paid to Restaurant View. Also, Please pay the host a EUR 1,- Culti Contribution after the dinner. Read more about this Culti contribution right here (http://www.meetup.com/cultiA/messages/boards/thread/29340032). ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ - How to find? - Restaurant View is on just 5 minutes walking distance from the central station. It's very close to The Sky Lounge and to Vapiono Central Station. - What more needs to be said? - Don't hesistate - sign up :) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ - Enjoy with all your senses - Come and enjoy the most delicious grill- and teppan yaki dishes. Welcome to Restaurant View at the Oosterdokseiland. The restaurant where you can enjoy with all your senses. Wherever you’re seated, your view over the waterfront is wonderful. Be amazed, watch the chef as he prepares the dishes and be delighted by the taste of it. The dishes pass by on the moving conveyor belt along your table or are prepared for you right on the spot. Two hours of unlimited dining & drinking for a fixed price. - The Menu - There’s no other grill restaurant like Restaurant View. There’s literally a world of flavors passing you by. The unique moving conveyor belt is the secret of our restaurant. You stay seated, while the dishes pass you by. At your own table can prepare whatever you feel like. Chicken, meat, fish or vegetables: there’s more than enough to choose from. You can get some of the side dishes and your drinks at the bar. And remember: it’s all included! Whether you take a cup of coffee or rather drink a glass of wine. You’ll never pay extra. Never!

Dinner @ Los Pilones Nieuwmarkt
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Los Pilones

- Dinner @ Los Pilones Nieuwmarkt - Join us for Dinner @ Los Pilones on Nieuwmarkt - which is the heart of Chinatown in Amsterdam :) - Tell me why - The location is easy to reach by bike or with the subway, and the menu is... advisable :) - The Menu - For EUR 16,95 you can shape your own menu based on Taco's, or for EUR 17,50 you can order one of the classics :) More information will be added later. - When will this event take place? - As soon as a good number of people has signed up for it, a date will be set - Famous Last Words - Don't hesitate - sign up :)

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