Wat we doen

Why? What's this group about?

The inspiration comes from this super amazing quote by Albert Einstein: "No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it."


A life in which I have fun solving these "problems/blockades/black spots..." and get "rewarded" by reaching higher consciousness, feels like an easier life to me! I like to empathize that self development/self exploration should be fun, not believing you have to work hard! Let's "work" smart and hunt our black spots!

Here even more information about the consciousness levels which we like to explore/reach:

According to Maslow, there are 4 levels/stages of consciousness (state of awareness or perception). "Mastery" could be seen as level 5.

1. Unconscious incompetence -> You take the first step ("You don't know that you don't know")

2. Conscious incompetence -> Supported in this group ("We know that we don't know")

3. Conscious competence -> Supported in this group ("We know that we now know, we just need to practice")

4. Unconscious competence-> You will naturally take all steps required ("You don't need to know that you know", example: speaking English without active thinking)


I superlike the idea of comparing the "problem-solving" process with stairs, in which we have different levels or stages. With this view in mind, you have a great chance to learn/grow/progress step by step, rather than only having your end goal in mind and feeling bad about not having reached this goal.

Intention of the group:

Imagine a world in which you dared to be that honest to yourself and others to say "I want to surround myself with people who really care about me and they give me a chance to care about them! A community in which we listen to each other, are creative, critical, open-minded, curious, explore our current mindset, new ways of thinking/doing, and have fun together :)" Within this group I like to give space to some unique, different, exciting, interactive events and exercises and a platform for common learnings!

What to expect in each meetup:

Events will take place each 3rd week (probably Thursdays, otherwise Tuesdays). A follow-up session can be scheduled 2-3months later. All events will include a suggested agenda/guidance, you will get a printout (also including a section for your feedback and the planned follow up date), a bit of knowledge sharing/preparation from my side, interaction with you, maybe with some confronting minutes in silence/to listen to your own thoughts and I will offer intuitive exercises in each meetup! As soon as we are more people/there is some budget/demand, I can rent a room and we can create 2-3h workshops including meditations - also Yoga can be offered to finish or open a session! The sessions will be influenced by techniques like DBT, PRI, intuitive inner traveling techniques learned from Teal Swan, methods learned from Byron Katie and Lisa Lahey, Abraham Hicks and consider what Neurosciences says.. At the end of each session, we can use the group intelligence and share own experience/own big questions/struggles/achievements..

Let's see where this journey takes us to!

Reason why each member is called Blackspothunter: Lets develop this mindset in which we don't need to "improve" ourself anymore, but are actually life hunters.. find access to these black spots in our mind and hunt them up the consciousness stairs! ;)