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Dear ladies,

This Meetup Group is an extension of the Amsterdam International Women Network.

If we could summarize what it is all about, in just one sentence, it is: We have a strong vision to inspire and empower international women from all around the world,
helping them to connect and belong wherever they are! 😊

On our platform you can find more about us, our story, the list of upcoming events and how to become a member.

We meet in person on our frequent EVENTS <3 and we remain in touch via our WhatsApp groups and various clubs. Also via our Facebook Group

Follow us also on Instagram:

The access to our events is exclusive for members. You can become a member on our platform:

The access to our WhatsApp groups is exclusive for members who have joined at least one of our events, as we want to know who we're connecting with.

We look forward to meeting you in person very soon!

Lots of love,
Paula Kelder
Founder of the Amsterdam International Women Network.

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