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Welcome to Amsterdam!

This group is for Expat (and Dutch) international women in Holland.

If you have an international mindset and want to meet other like-minded women who are open for life, this is your space.

We like to empower each other, learn together and talk about the challenges of being an international woman in Holland.

Career, man, motherhood, self-confidence. Also laughter, lifestyle, making friends and girls-talk.


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Walk in the Vondelpark

Proeflokaal 't Blauwe Theehuis

Hi ladies, Now that all bars and restaurants are closed due to the new corona restrictions, how about meeting for a coffee outside and a walk in the park, instead of our traditional Brunch? We can not agglomerate, neither walk in groups bigger than 4 ladies, but what we can do is to grab a drink at the blue tea house, make a big circle outside to shortly introduce ourselves (respecting the 1,5m distance) and then go for a walk in the park in groups of 3. What about it? Who is in? Please complete your RSVP in our site to let us know that you're really coming: https://www.amsterdaminternationalwomen.com/events/walk-in-the-vondelpark Also, if you are not yet an active member of the AIW, please activate your membership on the link below: https://www.amsterdaminternationalwomen.com/become-a-member For the symbolic amount of 1 euro a month you can have access to all of our free and paid events, join our main WhatsApp group and the Directory of our online platform to chat at the Forum with the ladies whom you have met at the event.

Women Empowement Talks - Online Session

Online evenement

Let's get together for an open and authentic women's conversation! We will laugh, talk about sex, career, relationships, our feminine power, the challenge of moving country or whatever other topic we feel like. Register here: https://www.amsterdaminternationalwomen.com/events/women-empowerment-talks-online-session A couple of days before the event we will share via e-mail the details of our group call with those who have RSVPed in our site.

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Dinner Party at the Vondelpark - With Live Music!

Tennis Kattenlaan

€ 35,00