Volgende Meetup

Autumn Walk Amersfoort (10 km)
Let’s enjoy the beautiful weather while it lasts! Join me for a walk in the green surroundings of historic city Amersfoort. Meeting point: In front of 'Oudshoorn Bloemen', a flower shop located in the central hall (near the exit) of Central Station Amersfoort. Meeting time: 1:10 pm. Make sure to be on time. We will wait 5 minutes for everyone to arrive and then start our walk at 1:15 pm.


Amersfoort NS Station · Amersfoort

Wat we doen

This is a meetup group catered to those who identify as introverts* in Amsterdam and its surroundings, from young to old, from the shy to the sociable! We do various kinds of activities, with an extra emphasis to keep them as low key as possible and very limited in size (we aim to cap the group size for each event to around 10 people).

Instead of having rules, we simply ask all our members to:

1. Be kind to others. We're trying to build a group where we all feel comfortable.
2. Be considerate by actually showing up when you RSVP Yes. Don't be a flake! Due to the way our events are set up, there are often waiting list. Please ensure to change your RSVP in time if you can't make it after all to allow other members to join the event! We keep track of no shows and prioritize members who have good track records of attendance. Some events that involve third parties have very strict rules, so please read the description carefully.
3. And of course, have fun!

As many introverts feel more comfortable when they're around someone they know, you're also welcome to bring a friend or two to the events, even if they're not introverts themselves.

We're also always on the look for fun, informative and/or otherwise interesting group activities. Feel invited to suggest, or create and host events! To do so, you can use the suggest a meetup feature or contact one of the organizers. (Contact Roberto or Sabrinah if you'd like to be one of our organizers!)

To more accurately forecast interest and attendance, we regularly remove inactive members, with an open invitation to rejoin when they like.

* Introversion is a spectrum and you don't have to be that stereotypical introvert to join this group. There are a few common signs of introversion, which include:

• being around lots of people drains your energy
• you enjoy solitude
• your social circle tends to be small but very close
• people often describe you as quiet and/or reserved
• you tend to feel overwhelmed in busy social situations
but they ultimately vary from one person to another.