Wat we doen

I'm an experienced language teacher teaching Japanese to non-native Japanese speakers. I would like to offer my assistance to those who are thinking of taking JLPT (Japanese-Language Proficiency Test) next July.

Although many study materials are available and you can study by yourselves without the teacher or lessons, you still need someone (ideally a native Japanese) who can give you the direction and advice when you get lost. Here this Meetup offers the opportunity to take advice from me and to meet other learners to exchange the information.

For me to serve my aim better, it is necessary to limit the number of the participants each Meetup. Also, I would like to ask each participants to cover my expenses (transportation, copies, ect.).

The members can attend up to three Meetup free of charge. If you would like to continue, you need to make an individual arrangement with me separately. If you would like to have Japanese lessons with me, instead of coming to another Mertup, I'm happy to offer you one free lesson.