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This is the Java User Group for everyone interested in Java, JVM, Web Development, Free and Open Source Software who are located in Amsterdam or Netherlands.

The "official language" is English, so that non-Dutch speakers can also participate easily.

Looking forward to meeting you all and exchange of knowledge and ideas

Code of Conduct: http://amsterdamjug.com/codeconduct.html

WebSite: http://www.amsterdamjug.com/

Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCv-CG_Mwqr... (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCv-CG_MwqrOUvqu4Sb9E_DQ)

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/8439300

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Automating away bugs with Error Prone & Architect Designing an EDA Landscape


  • 18:00 Doors opens
  • 18:30 Food arrives 🍕🍻 (Thanks Picnic for hosting us)
  • 19:00 Talk 1 starts: "Automating away bugs with Error Prone in practice" by Rick Ossendrijver
  • 19:45 short break
  • 20:00 Talk 2 starts: "A Day in the Life of an Architect Designing an EDA Landscape" by Hari Rangarajan
  • 20:45-21:30 drinks & networking

Information about the talks:

Title: Automating away bugs with Error Prone in practice" by Rick Ossendrijver
Error Prone is a powerful tool for detecting and preventing bugs and anti-patterns in Java codebases. As a compiler plugin, it is capable of automatically suggesting and applying fixes at scale. For years, Picnic has leveraged the capabilities of Error Prone to streamline our development process through large-scale automated refactorings across our entire Java codebase. This approach not only resolves bugs once and for all, but also leads to a more consistent and high-quality codebase. In this talk, we will provide a comprehensive demonstration of Error Prone's capabilities, as well as offer practical guidance on how to set up the tool for your own development team. Additionally, we will share our own experiences and learnings from Picnic's journey of using Error Prone, including the process of creating and enabling our own set of custom rules from our open-sourced Error Prone Support repository.

Title: “A Day in the Life of an Architect Designing an EDA Landscape" by Hari Rangarajan
Event-driven architecture (EDA) is getting increasingly prominent in our lives, technology solutions, and underlying enterprise IT design processes. There are many introductions to EDA and its benefits out there, but most are theoretical descriptions that lack practical examples, which makes it difficult to fully understand and utilize it. In this session, Solace Developer Advocate Hari Rangarajan walks through the process by which an enterprise architect might design an event-driven system. Participants will gain a new appreciation of EDA, and inspiration for how to apply it in their day-to-day activities to achieve big results.

About Hari Rangarajan
Hari is a dynamic, creative, and innovative professional who is always looking for a challenge and understand different software development processes from both technical and business perspectives.
His main background is Software Engineering in Java, Microservices and EDA. DevOps and Agile is more about who he is and how he does things and cooperates with people.
Hari’s current focus is on evaluating emerging technologies, practices, frameworks and identifying how they can best serve the long-term interests and ambitions of my clients.
He is passionate about how programming can be a key participant in sustainability discussions, identifying points for consideration while making technology choices from a green perspective.

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