Volgende Meetup

Join our English Conversation and improve your vocabulary!
To start we have 18 forbidden words such as ALOT, NICE, VERY, SITUATION etc and you can choose from many different topics such as "Dinner for Two", What do you think about ancient buildings?" or “what do you think are the benefits of having a pet?”. You will be given a chance to answer the questions and remembering to NOT use the forbidden words. The forbidden words have many alternatives/similes such as “nice – you can use pleasant, wonderful, lovely etc.”. These alternative words will give your reader or listener much more information. In return you will gain a broader vocabulary. I will keep a record of all the “mistakes”. The person that makes the most “mistakes” will win a prize. It's fun watching the prize move around the table. The cost per person is €5. We meet on the 1st floor at the OBA café. Please bring along a pen, paper and you! If you feel strong enough for a double dose of English Conversation then stay seated. Check out my website for additional English Conversation lessons www.englishconversationlesson.com

Centrale oba

Oosterdokskade 143 1011DL AMSTERDAM · Amsterdam