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Let's get together to meet, chat, dance, talk, eat, do sports, have a picknick or just hang out with other lesbian and bisexual girls and women. There are not that many places to meet other lesbian and bisexual girls/women outside of the nightlife and I am not that good at striking up a conversation with strangers at the dancefloor or a bar. I have a feeling more girls/women are like that. We are aiming to be an open, friendly and safe space for all lesbian, bisexual and pansexual women, offcourse including trans and intersex women.

We also have a facebook group so you can chat and share interesting stuff too. So sign up If you are looking for some fun activities or for some company to go to that great party or have a nice picknick. If you want even more activities your very welcome to organise events yourself or you can check out Gay & LesBian Social The Netherlands (http://www.meetup.com/Gay-Lesbian-Social-The-Netherlands/), Lots of our active members are also in that meetup group.


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booktalk: The Discomfort of Evening

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Lady.s Night

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