Wat we doen


We all know that new parents are all about late-night feeding, endless diaper changes, and lack of sleep. And we know that our little ones do love to sleep in their strollers and it's not always easy to find somebody to walk with in a park and just to talk not only about our babies, but also about books, or movies, or news, or fashion trends. And it is good to have a cup of something tasty afterwords. If you are looking for a company to walk together within Oosterpark, to enjoy some sunshine on a rooftop of Nemo museum or just have some nice cup of socialization, do not hesitate to join! P.S. We are open to the world, so moms with all other types of baby carriers are welcomed. And even if you are an expecting mom we will help you make a hard choice of your first stroller, so come and join us for test drive :)