Wat we doen

People who like critical thinking and skepticism. There will be talks by interesting speakers on various topics that tickle our rational curiosity. After the talks there will be room for questions and discussion. All this is done whilst enjoying a drink or two.

Normally we meet up at the second Monday of the month, but this can change. Meetups will be added as soon as a speaker is confirmed.

Sponsored by the dutch Skeptical Society: Stichting Skepsis. We organize these meetings for free! If you don't agree with this feel free to leave Stichting Skepsis a small donation ( http://www.skepsis.nl/doneren ). Also, stichting Skepsis publishes a (Dutch) magazine, de Skepter, you can download a proefnummer here: https://skepsis.nl/tijdschrift-skepter/proefnummer/

Vorige evenementen (55)

Summer social break!

Cafe De Doffer