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Dear Ruby friends,

Yet again we've invited an international speaker for our meetup! But this time it's on a MONDAY (25 Feb) 😱
We're excited to invite you for two inspiring talks, pizza and drinks.

Sponsored and hosted by Salonized. Join us at the Salonized HQ, Herengracht 575, Amsterdam.


18:00 Doors open 🍕

19:00 Michel Martens (@soveran) - Mental Models and Programming

Michel is the maintainer of the Cuba framework for Ruby, and works at openredis (Redis hosting). He'll join us from Paris, France.

Mental models are fundamental tools for cognition and reasoning. As we explore the genesis and evolution of Cuba, Michel will show us the key insights that shaped his way of thinking about web development.

19:30 Break

20:00 - Hongli Lai (@honglilai) - The problem with Ruby's memory

Hongli Lai is the creator of the Phusion Passenger app server. In 2018 Phusion turned 10 years old, and introduced Generic Language Support to its open source and Enterprise offering.

Hongli set out to tackle the Ruby memory usage / malloc arena fragmentation problem, and he'll share his journey with the meetup participants.

20:30-21:30 Networking and drinks

If you're hungry for more Ruby knowledge, join us at EuRuKo2019 ( in Rotterdam on the 21st and 22nd of June.

See you there & bring a colleague! ❤️