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Arsenal - Leicester city
Good morning Gooners, International break is coming up! Meaning we need to fill in this weekend without the Arsenal. But the week after, Arsenal will be playing Leicester city at home at oktober the 22th on a monday night (kick-off: 9 pm Dutch time). I hope to see you all in Coco's Outback for a Monday night with Arsenal and friends! Oh, and since it will be Monday Madness in Coco's you might want to come earlier for dinner (50% off most dishes). Cheers Charifa

Coco's Outback

Thorbeckeplien 1017CS · Amsterdam

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    Let´s get together in the best (sports) bars in Amsterdam and watch the next Arsenal games! We can hangout, have a drink and a bite and watch Arsenal win the Pemier League this year while meeting up with new interesting people from Amsterdam. This group is not only for all Arsenal fans but also for anyone who likes watching footballgames together, drink a beer and socialize with others. Yet in order to make sure that everyone feels comfortable we can't host fans of the opponent team that Arsenal are playing during that specific game.