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Speaker: Brian van Burken CSS just sucks. Even if you plan to write scalable CSS you end up writing changes to the bottom of a single main.css and suffix your styles with !important. Wouldn't it be great if you can write your CSS like you would build components in complex systems and reuse without duplicated styles? We thought so too! We went down in the trenches and found a solution that we applied to multiple projects. Curious? Go and join us at this techday and learn how to apply it today to your project.

Avisi HQ WTC

Nieuwe Stationsstraat 10 · Arnhem

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    As tech enthusiasts we like to share knowledge as much as possible. That is why we organize monthly events in Arnhem. With Techdays and TostiTalks we are creating a platform for knowledge sharing.

    Everyone is welcome, all events are free and the food and beer are on us!

    Techdays (15:00 - 19:00+)

    Aimed at students and professionals interested in the latest technologies. The idea is to give a short introduction in an interesting topic and then get our hands dirty with a hands-on. At the end of the Techday we get back together for a recap after which we can continue the discussion enjoying food and some beers.

    Previous editions:

    • Kubernetes

    • Stencil JS

    • Go(lang) for CSI Tools

    • Fulcro

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