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Bridging Blockchain Eindhoven - 'we need YOU' edition (Roundtable)
On the verge of reaching 300 member we would like to thank you all for the support at previous events. We are happy to see the community growing so fast in these past 6 months! For the next event, we are looking to you for some help! Yes, we need you! You see, with the two of us (Anni and Allard) we are finding it hard to keep up organising events, securing quality and content. As the community grows, the demands become more disparate and we are striving to decide on our roadmap for the next events. Will it be more specific hands-on workshops on dapps? Shall we do a back to basics meetup to bring everyone to the same level and refresh our knowledge? Do you like to have a monthly lightweight social meetups? Or should we go on with similar meetups as in the past? So we need you! We would like to invite those of you who are really interested in this community to join us in a roundtable discussion about “bridging blockchain eindhoven”. We would like to brainstorm with you about our next steps, where do you guys see the future of blockchains, and cryptocurrencies and how does this connect with brainport? If you have ideas on how we can achieve the best results, see chances for collaboration and possibly also see a role for yourself to contribute then please join us in this roundtable session. Help us to keep the meetups going! Allard & Anni PS: We are going to keep it small, so please attend only if you have with real interest. We believe this form of discussion works best with a small group, of around 10-15 people. Also, for those that are really interested in helping us with the community we can discuss a more permanent involvement in the organisational committee.

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    Let's get some of Eindhoven's smartest people in a room to share their knowledge and expertise about blockchain technologies, cryptocurrencies and crypto investments.

    Blockchain, digital currencies, virtual money, cryptos, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Altcoin, ICOs and many of these technical buzzwords are rapidly becoming hot in news and conversation. Blockchain is often suggested to become as game-changing as the internet, and is referred to some as Web 3.0.

    Bitcoin is the most known implementation of a cryptocurrency using Blockchain technology. It has billions of dollars worth of capital invested in it, but many other cryptocurrencies are available; either focusing on the financial part of it, or using them as a blockchain platform to develop new business models and broader use-cases than simple decentralized money exchange.

    Eindhoven as the "smartest region in the world" with companies like ASML and NXP, the High Tech Campus and the TU/e has a very high nerd-to-normal ratio, yet limited collaboration opportunities are available in our region.