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October Meet-up
Our chosen book for the October meet-up is Turtles All the Way Down by John Green. Another Young Adult book by the author of The Fault in our Stars, deals with Aza, a 16 year old girl suffering OCD, a billionaire fugitive, a large reward. The book tackles with issues of mental illness, anxiety, love, and friendship. Whether you're a regular attendee or you're new to ABC Book Chat's please join us for tea, snacks and what is always a great exchange of views about the books we read. Happy Reading

The American Book Center

Spui 12, 1012 XA Amsterdam · Amsterdam

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    Book Chats @ the ABC Amsterdam is a new monthly book club dedicated to the fine art of slowing down, taking stock, and doing what we do best: talking about our favourite books. We're setting aside some time, once a month, to get together with like-minded book-lovers from around the community to sip some tea (or coffee), nibble on some snacks, and chat about the novels that have been making waves and capturing imaginations around the world.

    Each month we'll be choosing a new book to read (hopefully deciding together once things start rolling!), which we can discuss and dig into at our monthly meetups at the ABC in Amsterdam.

    With a focus on English-language fiction published during the last few years, we want to make Book Chats a space for making friends and diving together into the diverse worlds offered up by some of today's most dynamic voices in literature.