Vorige Meetups

Wat we doen

A new meetup group for ‘Business Innovators’

The goal of this meetup group is to understand, create and design revolutionary business models together.

Our aims:
1. To work together to deeply understand the art of business model innovation and create business models that shake up the marketplace.
2. To learn from successful companies. How do they create customer value and what can we learn from their experience? Their success will inspire us to change the way we think and invent new models.
3. To share the challenge and ideas we have for our business. What’s your business model and how does your company create value? With the feedback from the group every business owner will have new information to move forward and grow their business.
4. To anticipate future opportunities and changes to enable us to design business models for tomorrow's customers. Disruptive technologies will change the world. What will be the impact of new technologies on your business model?

This group is all about helping each other to create outstanding business models that will work. Let’s grow your business together.