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The Canadian International Club of Amsterdam (CICA) is a social club, offering free membership, with regular social events spotlighting Canadian happenings and content in The Netherlands, bringing our Canadian network together through diverse, yet very Canadian events, with quality organization.

The group has evolved over the years into a family that offers support, social and business networking, friendships and everlasting memories in our adopted land. This group was created by a Canadian for Canadians, welcoming everyone from the international community, whether you were born in Canada, have lived in Canada or simply like us Canucks. Everyone is welcome, in true Canadian style!

If you hear about an exciting venue, discover something TRULY Canadian or have a fun idea to propose, feel free to share it on the wall. If you are interested in organizing an event, please contact one of the CICA team organizers.

Just a friendly reminder, no personal or business solicitations please - keep it Canadian! If you would like to share a special offer with the group, kindly contact the CICA team so we can work together to share it.

Canadian International Club of Amsterdam (CICA) history & milestones

Noah Millman, Jeff Wilson and Paige T. Campbell are the current organizers starting from September 2014. We look forward to expanding the member base and organizing fun events for all of us

Lise Aubin
• Head Organizer 2008 – 2010, 2013-2014 introducing our famous Canada Day celebrations, NHL Sundays and Vondelpark BBQs, Games Night, Wings/Poutine Night And Olympic Hockey (2010 and 2014)

Ginger Solmonson
• Head Organizer 2010 – 2013 launching various new monthly meetups and events. Expanded the club through other social media channels. Grew Facebook membership to 400 members.

Laurie Henderson
• Founding member, organizing events (Canada Day boat trips, comedy shows, drinks /dinners, picnics and walking tours) for over a decade (1999-2010) via email, to over 300 members. Introduced the group to Facebook in 2008. Repatriated to Canada in 2011.

Find us on…

- Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/CICAMS/

- CICA Website: http://canadianclubofams.wix.com/home

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€ 52,50



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