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October 2018 meetup: Mobile CI/CD at TomTom and How GitHub builds GitHub
Agenda: 17:30 - 18:30 Walk-in 18:00 Food & drinks 18:30 Mobile CI/CD at TomTom 19:30 Break 20:00 How GitHub builds GitHub 21:30 Wrapping up Location, food & drinks brought to you by: TomTom Talks: Dmytro Vorobiov - TomTom - Mobile CI/CD at TomTom At the TomTom iOS department, we managed to significantly simplify our delivery process to AppStore by introducing CI/CD practices. We'll be sharing our experience of a 3-year-long journey in a nutshell: from a chaotic unmanageable setup - to a reliable and scalable solution that allows you to create new build configurations in minutes. Bio: Dmytro Vorobiov is an iOS Software Engineer at TomTom. Besides iOS development, he is also responsible for implementing and maintaining the CI and CD processes used by his team. Dmytro is passionate about helping people to improve tools they use for their daily software development. Sebass van Boxel - GitHub - How GitHub builds GitHub GitHub will share some of their development best practices by focusing on collaboration, continuous delivery, and continuous improvement. After introducing GitHub, we will discuss how code quality improves when you share your work with a larger audience and do public and focused code reviews. In this context we will also explore the benefits of rigorous testing and automation. Next we will share how we bring our tools into our chat interface to allow people to execute operations and track progress across teams. Lastly, we’ll share how we refactor code with some science and how all of these pieces can help make you a happier developer who ships better code more often. Bio: Sebass van Boxel is Solutions Engineer at GitHub. He helps companies be more successful in the way the use GitHub and develop software. Walking: It's walking distance from Amsterdam Central Station, and Muziekgebouw/Bimhuis Parking: Parking Garage Oosterdok is nearby, but because of construction works you might have some detours walking to the TomTom entrance


De Ruyterkade 154 · Amsterdam

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This Group will bring software people together to share ideas and experience in the domain of Continuous Delivery. Continuous Delivery addresses the entire software delivery pipeline - from CI to testing to deployment to release - and addresses technology, process and organization. Anything within that domain will be in scope for our Group. The Group shares concerns with other Groups - DevOps, Agile,Puppet/Chef, Cloud, Selenium, etc. - and will be complementary to them. But we'll talk about the delivery pipeline as a system, rather than going deep into the details of specific technologies. And we'll emphasize topics that directly translate into making software delivery more "continuous." This is the Amsterdam chapter of a set of Continuous Delivery groups in different cities around the world. We'll do our best to share speakers and content across the groups, so we can all learn from a wider community.