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Lately, my husband and I thought: there's like a million different MeetUp groups for singles in Amsterdam, but none for couples! Once you're a couple, that doesn't mean you stop wanting to have fun or share new, sincere and exciting friendships!

So, let's break our day-to-day routine that we live in, where we dwell in our same old social circle neatly packaged for us from work, school and family. There are so many interesting and fun people in the city that we would never get a chance to meet, simply because the opportunity does not arise!

Let's be part of something different...something new, fun, exciting and spontaneous.

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Latin Food Festival Amsterdam

Dok Amsterdam

At 14 o'clock Latin Food Festival Amsterdam opens the gates and takes you to the culinary world of Latin America. Think of: Brazilian cuisine. Mexican cuisine. Caribbean cuisine. Several Tapas, BBQ So that you not only taste Latin America, but also hear Latin America, they of course have there Latin DJ's and can be danced on salsa & bachata! This also includes the various cocktails We look forward to seeing you!

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