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I organize workshops, events and talks with the goal to inspire and motivate you to have a positive mindset and (re)connect with your heart to live a happy and healthy life. Often, it's hard to listen to your heart. Maybe you are afraid. You might tend listen to your critical inner voice. You maybe have certain patterns/habits which do not neccessarily benefit your full potential. But often it is hard to break these patterns. The activities in this meetup inspire you to make choices from the heart, have a postive mindset, and make changes for a happy, healthy and fulfilled life. By sharing experiences, connecting with others, giving practical tools, I believe we can create a positive energy. An energy which helps you to create a happy & healty life. It's a meetup about self-awareness, consciousness, personal accountabilty and development. Questions like: Which direction should I go? How can I create a healthy work life balance? How can I build on more self confidence? How can I listen to my heart? How can I reach my goal? What are my strengths? How can I get rid of my unhealthy habits? Joining this meetup helps you with these questions.

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1 daags retreat 'Leef je Leven'

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Live Your Life Inspiration Session

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Workshop ReConnect with your Heart

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