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Workshop: Designing Recipes for Digital Food Futures
In this two day workshops we'll work on future scenario's about the way how cutting edge developments in food and technology will impact our society. Participants will work in groups to create a design fiction story (text) accompanied by some prototype (recipe, dish, mock-up of some future tech gadget, plan for a future restaurant/dining space; a ‘fast food’ bistro of the future etc. Full description below: Designing Recipes for Sustainable Digital Food Futures 2day workshop with speculative designer Markéta Dolejšová Tickets: €30,- (incl. lunch & borrel) Apply: https://goo.gl/forms/n1PtGnApfzgY8rTz2 How do we make sure that we can enjoy healthy and sustainable food in 2050 in Utrecht? How can technology help us to achieve this? The two-day workshop Designing Recipes for Sustainable Digital Food Futures invites participants to imagine, test, and taste possible food futures of the city of Utrecht. Using techniques drawn from speculative and critical design (SCD), we will explore and question diverse facets of the local food system with regards to its social and environmental sustainability. Addressing local food-related challenges such as the growing ‘fast food invasion’ and the how to stimulate participation of citizen-driven food growing initiatives, we will create near future scenarios for a healthier and greener Utrecht foodscape. Workshop participants have the opportunity to learn about contemporary food-tech trends and issues in a playful non-didactic way, and share their own food experiences and critical reflections. The first day will be oriented towards group discussions, speculations, and theoretical reflections; the day two will invite participants to materialize their ideas and opinions through a hands-on prototyping session. The aim of the workshop is to share creative ideas related to the growing role of technological innovation in present food systems and imagine futures that might be. Designing Recipes for Sustainable Digital Food Futures is an initative by Creative Coding Utrecht (CCU) and is made possible with the kind support of Creative Industries Fund, Gemeente Utrecht, Duurzame Week, The Greenhouse Utrecht, Futurefood.io, Lemonaid & CLEVER FRANKE About Markéta Dolejšová Markéta is design researcher interested in human-food interactions and speculative food futures. Using the lens of speculative and critical design, her research examines the growing role of technology innovation in contemporary food cultures. A majority of her work takes the form of participatory and performative co-speculations situated in everyday-life venues such as community gardens, hackerspaces, and street corners. Markéta collaborates with food experimenters, tinkerers, scientists, and broadly any food practitioners keen on exploring and extending the possible uses of technology and data in ‘the kitchen’. http://materie.me/

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Croeselaan 16, 3521 CA Utrecht · Utrecht

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