Wat we doen

This is a group for anyone interested data engineering, data driven development, data processing, applied data science and building data driven applications.

A lot of good open source tools and techniques are continually be developed and improved. It is important to keep on learning about these tools.

We started this group to share knowledge and experience using these tools & frameworks. Our experience lies in building big data pipelines with Apache Spark in Scala and building applications connecting to these API's. We are not bound to specific tools, but our focus will be on tools like Spark, Hadoop, Airflow, Elasticsearch, Solr, Kafka, Flink, Storm, Cassandra, MLlib, Neo4j, etc, etc.

We follow the Fantasyland Institute Code of Professionalism (FCOP) (https://github.com/fantasylandinst/fcop) as Code of Conduct

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4th Meetup: Linking data with Datlinq


2nd Meetup: Elastic Stack, SaaS tools & accessible Data Science

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Apache Spark & Scala at scale