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Calling all data science professionals in Rotterdam! This group seeks to unite, educate and inspire current and future generations of data scientists. Whether you are a scholar, industry professional or curious citizen, all are welcome.
We are looking forward to welcoming you at one of our future Meetup Events!

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Summer Break Networking Drink

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Hello fellow data & AI enthusiasts! Hope you are enjoying the summer to the fullest :D

To bridge the long summer break of no DSR meetups, we are organizing a networking drink for the community. The drink will be in another format from what we are used to. No presentations, AI wisdom and spicy Q&As, just a nice get-together to meet up with new (and less new) people.

Based on the number of registrations, we make a reservation at Beergarten in Rotterdam. Please keep your RSVP status up to date, so we can pass on the correct amount to the venue.

We hope to see you there!

Note: This event is not a sponsored event. Drinks are at your own expense (unfortunately). We assume that the weather will be good, if the outlook changes we may look for another location.

9th DS Rotterdam Meetup **Applied Data Science** - in-person

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Hello AI and DS enthusiasts!

We would like to invite you to our 9th DS Rotterdam Meetup on Applied Data Science. We are excited to open the doors and gather again in person, after the summer's break

Please RSVP below

Where: Blaak 555, 3011 GB Rotterdam

Note that we have a limited number of spots available (even more limited than previous events). So, if you can no longer make it, please let us know as soon as possible – that way we can assign your seat to someone on the waiting list.


17:30 – 17:40: Intro by your hosts
17:40 – 18:00: Talk 1
18:00 – 18:20: Talk 2
18:20 – 18:30: Closing remarks
18:30 – 21:00: Networking with pizza and drinks


Talk 1: Whitebox & Eyedle | Koen de Raad | Real-time field hockey tracking

Abstract: This is a project we have been working on at Eyedle. Here we have built a camera system that is able to track sports matches live by steering cameras in the right direction. The AI behind the solution detects the players and the ball in real-time, allowing the camera system to self-steer. However, every real application has its challenges be it latency, unexpected camera system behaviour and Deep Learning complexity. In this talk we will discuss about the AI solution, the issues we faced building it and the lessons learned

Bio: My name is Koen de Raad, I’m a data scientist and basically I’m interested in all things related to data and data science. More specifically I’m interested in how we can use data science to create value. I have a background in software engineering (BSc @ TU/e) and have completed my masters in Data Science and Entrepreneurship at the Jheronimus Academy of Data Science (JADS, a collective effort from TU/e and Tilburg University). During my masters I started my own consultancy company called Whitebox Data Science. With Whitebox I’m able to do what I love most, which is working on a high variety of different challenges where the end goal is to help people and create value. Next to Whitebox, last year I started a company called Eyedle, together with some other smart people. Eyedle specializes in computer vision solutions ranging from automated camera systems to robotics control

Talk 2: TreeHouse | Martijn Barendregt | Optimizing the rental housing market

Abstract: At TreeHouse our mission is to bring together demand and supply on the rental housing market in an optimal way. We aim to achieve this by providing a number of products (labels) that facilitate different parts of the homeseeker and homeowner journeys. Data is becoming a bigger and bigger factor in our products and in this talk I will give an overview of what we are working on. I will also go more in depth on a project where we used natural language processing to augment data about rental properties, looking both at the solution we came up with and how we put this into production on our dataplatform.

Bio: My name is Martijn Barendregt and I am currently the team lead for the TreeHouse data team. I'm broadly interested in most aspects of the data lifecycle, with a specific interest in how to build solid, reliable data products. My background is originally in computational neuroscience where I obtained my PhD studying how our brain perceives 3D motion. After my PhD I worked as a postdoctoral researcher, studying the interaction between attention and expectation, before deciding to leave academia and move into the field of data(science). I worked in the maritime logistics sector for a couple of years, starting in a datascientist role and over the years moving more to data engineering and building data platforms. Last year, I joined TreeHouse to help expand their data efforts and grow the data team.

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8th DS Rotterdam Meetup **Applied Data Science** - in-person

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