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DataCouncil.ai - Amsterdam hosts events where lead engineers & data scientists from pre-screened companies present talks on their projects for the benefit of the data community. In this meetup group companies from all over the Netherlands can show the amazing things they are doing with data and we've created this event to help them showcase their work and help other engineers level up.

What you'll gain from this group:

* A better understanding of the best OS tools to use in building your own data infrastructure (pipelines, platforms, storage options, etc.)

* Real-world examples from top technical companies explaining the data platforms their engineers are building

* Applied data science talks that explain the minimum level of algorithmic understanding engineers should have to work better with their data science counterparts, or to become a Machine Learning Engineer-unicorn themselves

* Highly technical conversations with other attendees, and announcements of the best data events and opportunities in the Amsterdam area

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DataCouncil.ai Utrecht edition

Stationsplein 32

Hi everybody, The next meetup will take place July 3rd, at our new location in the Creative Valley Utrecht office space, next to Utrecht Central Station. Doors open at 18:00. More details TBD. We have 2 talks: 1. Martijn van Leeuwen - FIOD 2. Asparuh Hristov - Bol.com ---------- Abstracts & bios ---------- Martijn van Leeuwen - FIOD At FIOD, we have to work with a lot of textual data of all kinds of formats. Many of those textual documents are non-Dutch and even non-English. It is important for us as an organization to still be able to extract information from these documents. With no access to the cloud services and manual translation being slow and costly, we decided to develop an offline translation solution using the open-source tensor2tensor library. The model we used is an attention-based Transformer model which tries to encapsulate language semantics using huge amounts of data. For this task, the data needs to be prepared and structured in a specific way. This model, once trained, has to be deployed to production consisting of three parts: a TensorFlow model server, a Flask microservice and a user-friendly front-end. This whole package also needs to be scalable and robust: we make all parts of this specific project Dockerized and Kubernetes ready. ---------- Asparuh Hristov - Bol.com Asparuh will talk about a few of the main ML driven projects within Bol.com. Among others, we will discuss the challenges behind producing a sales forecast for 50 million different products. Before that, though: how does one even categorize these products in the nearly 6000 segments? In addition, we will examine just how cold "the cold start" problem in recommendations can actually be. We will have a sneak peek in the way of working, the various modelling techniques and infrastructural decisions allowing solutions at such a unique scale (at least for The Netherlands). Asparuh Hristov is a data scientist at Bol.com’s forecasting team. He has a constant urge to identify and leverage patterns behind anything he is involved with. He has a PhD degree in Stochastics (know thy enemy).

Data Council Barcelona Conference 2019

Utopia 126

€ 549,00

Data Council is where data's most influential makers, doers, and thinkers gather to shape the future of data innovation at every layer of the stack. If you’re a technical professional who wants to learn about new tools, architectures and best practices for building data systems, you want to be here. This year Data Council Barcelona 2019 will feature: - 2 days with 2 concurrent tracks each day & 30+ insightful talks by leading data scientists and engineers from top companies like Google, Schibsted, Satellogic, Letgo, LINE, Fishtown Analytics, Datadog, Typeform, King, Eurocat Technology Center, BBVA, Yara, Glovo, GO-JEK, Cabify, The New York Times with many more to be announced. - All-new content including a brand new panel of top technical product managers in the data space. - Extensive networking opportunities at the conference, and a chance to connect with speakers & attendees at our Wednesday night after-party between conference days. - Small group Speaker Office Hours following each talk with an opportunity to dive deeper into the subject matter 1:1 with the speaker. - Attendees that are highly-technical data scientists, engineers, analysts & technical founders from top tech, media, and finance companies around Spain and Europe. - The opportunity to connect with our great partner companies at Partner Spotlight to discover their available data jobs and latest product developments. The No Bullshit Promise: - We want you to learn, grow, build, engage, launch and laugh at our event. We want you to feel good about attending Data Council. We are good at detecting bullshit, but in case we missed it, just let us know at [masked] and we will make it right! - We want you to feel good about buying a ticket for Data Council so that's why we offer a full refund up until 30 days prior to the event. After that, and up until the event we offer to transfer your ticket to a colleague or a future Data Council event. Past the event, no refunds or exchanges are allowed for unused tickets. Unfortunately, we cannot retroactively apply any special rates, coupons or discounts once the ticket has been purchased. Interested in speaking? Send a talk proposal through our CFP no later than July 1st, 2019: https://www.datacouncil.ai/call-for-proposals Planning to attend? Don't wait any longer, grab your ticket now to get the early bird discount: https://www.datacouncil.ai/barcelona