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"Where is the meetup scene in Delft?!" All around us, in Rotterdam, Den Haag or Amsterdam, meetups are organised about new (web) technologies, code, UX design and AI, etc.. Developers and designers are meeting up to share their passion, teach and show off cool work. Why not in Delft? Aren't we the knowledge capital of the Netherlands? With the fastest solar car and an incubator for agencies and innovative products (e.g. Fabrique, Dept, Exact, VanMoof). Join me and let's get together to change this!

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CROTalks (Conversion Rate Optimization) @ Sping
Highlight Delft - on the nexus of Art and Technology
Creative Coding Artist Talks @ TOPdesk

TOPdesk Netherlands BV

Artificial Intelligence #2 @ TOPdesk

TOPdesk Netherlands BV