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7MRP Acting/Theatre workshop!
Oh, my! Is it this time of the month already? We start organising then. 7MRP is a non-profit acting and theatre group of people who want to make theatre experience accessible to everybody. Stepping out of your comfort-zone, being yourself by not being yourself, exploring your abilities in creative collaboration - that's us. Join us on Friday evening, Netflix won't run away! The access is free as always, but we will very much appreciate a donation (cash only!) to keep the ball rolling. ---Program--- 19:30-20:00 warm-up exercises (a.k.a.: don't be late!) 20:00-20:30 improv games (& punishment of the latecomers) 20:30-20:45 break 20:45-21:15 group work 21:15-21:45 groups on stage! 21:45-22:00 feedback!


Witte de Withstraat 127, 2518 CS · Den Haag

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Are you a creative individual looking to meet like-minded people in a foreign city (or possibly your native city)? Actors, musicians, dancers, photographers, writers, filmmakers, designers - you name it! If you are looking for a relaxed, social environment to share ideas, inspire collaborations, improve your skills or just relax with fun people - we are for you! Founded in by an expat from the USA and now handovered to the bunch of italo-dutch-british-american guys of "7MRP ACTual Fun! - The Hague", this is a group designed for expanding your social circle with like-minded individuals who are looking to inspire themselves with interaction with friends and their environment.

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