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Cycling lovers, fans and enthousiasts you can gather in this meetup. This meetup organises tours in The Hague area. Ranging from 15 KM till ...
Trips in which we explore the beauty of nature and socialise.

If you are a beginners or born a cyclist this group welcoms you all.
Please note that we are not all cyclist and we will cycle are at relax speed. Other plans are:
meetings were we discuss how to improof cycling
connect with other cycle meetups in holland
make a video about cycling in The Hague
Cycling parade; gather as much people as possible and ride our bikes. Hope to meet you all & let's go cycling!

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Hi all, I can and will organise tours. With this mail I also want to motivate you all to become event organisers. it's free and than you can organise your own tours or anything related with cycling via the Meetup Group. If you are up for this, just tell me. Enjoy Dutch summer. Paulus

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