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How about meeting in a cosy café with a drink in your hand, speaking your favourite language or language you wish to improve? The idea of Café des langues (based on a Luxembourgish model) is to choose your table depending on the language you wish to practise ( and availability of the participants, for example French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, German…).A notebook and a pen might be useful! It’s also a great opportunity to meet other polyglots sharing the same interests and to socialize.
As this is an informal language exchange, there's no 'real division' or 'rules' and you simply 'go with the flow'.
Let’s get together, exchange the language skills and enjoy the evening!!!
Café de langues get-together takes place at least once a month.
Check out also our secuial language events!
Location is subject to change.

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Friday Café des langues (at Food Hall MingleMush)

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