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The Inaugural Edition 🎉 Product Development, Design and Storytelling
Get inspired, meet creatives and learn from experienced product people and artists! This meetup aims to inspire digital product developers, designers, artists and other creatives. Besides sharing knowledge and igniting inspiration this is an excellent opportunity to discover projects and meet new people interested in digital product, tech, design and the arts Schedule 17:30 - Doors open: snacks, drinks & socialize 18:25 - Meetup Introduction 18:30 - "Kickstart your digital process with an agency" by Peter Peerdeman 19:00 - short break, grab a drink! 19:15 - "Successful Design & Development collaboration" by Ninya Zoll 19:45 - "Storytelling and Videography" by Ben Culpin 20:15 - Drinks and getting to know the attendees and speakers personally! Speakers Peter Peerdeman - CTO Peter is a passionate technologist leading a team of talented engineers at Lifely. With a team of 20 they turn business challenges into digital concepts, design, code and devops. Whenever Peter is not high-fiving the team or discussing technical decisions he loves to produce electronic music and take pretty pictures. Ninya Zoll - Product Designer Why be a designer if you can be a Ninya? Ninya is product designer at Lifely, after many years of experience at a multitude of agencies. She is responsible for working out creative concepts alongside strategists and development teams into structured, development ready designs that deliver a rich user experience. Ben Culpin - Creative Strategist Considered listener, creative thinker. I'm in my element when getting to know someone, or a set of people, and understanding what is meaningful to them. I listen and feel things out. I choose my moments to speak, observing through the space I create. I haven't done my job until you feel so connected to something (the problem) that you simply must take action. Recording Event will be recorded. Check out previous meetups at our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMUF9VeTcjl_qplu12_hPcQ


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    Product Development, Design and Arts aims to inspire product developers, designers, artists and other creatives that have a connection to these areas of expertise. Besides sharing knowledge and igniting inspiration this is also networking event to discover projects and meet new people interested in tech, design and the arts

    e.g. Design system talks, Product development strategy, Javascript hackathons, drinks & networking, curated panel discussions, show and tell projects, live coding, electronic music sessions, group museum/exhibition visits, university visits, get in touch if you have got more ideas and want to contribute!

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