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Modelling with Strangers
Are you a software developer, or an architect? Do you have several years of hands-on or are you starting coding? Or did you experience some entangled code bases which do not allow us to be faster enough? Then tonight is the time to come to this DDD meetup: Modelling with Strangers. ## What we are going to do## We are/were involved in some projects where a simple new feature challenges the current model. There are several ways to handle it, and more often than we liked, the simple feature is crammed into the current model, creating a Frankenstein. It undermines our ability to keep evolving the model, leading to "big refactorings" or "create the model from scratch". In this interactive workshop, we will do some modelling exercises to practice modelling techniques. We will form small groups and every group will have some assignments. To complete the modelling exercise the group has to discuss the alternatives to solve it. Each group will present their models and what was the train of thought to reach the conclusions. ## Requirements ## Basic knowledge of software modelling! ## Expectations ## A fun and interesting evening to learn tips and tricks that can be used in our jobs! ## Agenda ## 17:30 - 18:45: Walk-in + dinner and drinks* 18:45 - 20:45: Workshop 20:45 - 21:00: Retrospective * If you have any diet wishes please leave a message.


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    In the Netherlands many people practice Domain Driven Design but until now they haven't gathered a lot to discuss ideas and exchange experiences. Let's change that and build a community of DDD practitioners of all skill levels to broaden our understanding of Domain Driven Design.