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This group is for anyone interested in the latest webdevelopment techniques and standards. At Drukwerkdeal.nl we work primarily with PHP (Symfony), MySQL, Javascript, jQuery, HTML, CSS, Doctrine, Git, Bitbucket and Jenkins. BDD, TDD, DDD, continuous deployment, eventsourcing and CQRS are subjects we're interested in among others. Meetups will be organised at our office in Deventer (Keulenstraat 4). Subjects and speakers will be related to any of the above subjects.

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Getting started with DDD + Symfony & Going Serverless: Running PHP in AWS Lambda

Thursday 24th of October, we organise our next Developer Meetup in Deventer with two speakers who will tell about: - Real world DDD with Symfony by Pim Elshoff - Going Serverless: Running PHP in AWS Lambda by Ben Bridts DDD with Symfony Getting started with Domain Driven Design is hard. Applying it fully while benefitting from Symfony too seems nigh impossible. Or is it? In this practical session we'll build a project from the ground up and demonstrate DDD all the way. With the flexibility of Symfony and the power of DDD principles, you will create structured, predictable and dependable apps. After this talk there will be no more excuses not to do DDD with Symfony! Going Serverless: Running PHP in AWS Lambda The AWS platform has a bunch of services to make your application "serverless". We will take a look at what defines something to be serverless and how we can leverage services like AWS Lambda, DynamoDB, API Gateway and S3 to build our own applications to be cost-effective, scalable and highly-available. BIO: Pim Elshoff: Pim has been a developer-for-hire for over a decade and a professional developer any time soon now. With over half that time spent working with scrum at Procurios, the agile mindset has really clicked for me. Technology will always be a passion of his, but with more experience his focus has shifted to people. He is enthusiastic, has a loud mouth and is professionally stubborn. Ben Bridts: Ben has been using AWS since 2015 and works with businesses ranging from start-ups to enterprises. He provides architectural and operational support and shares his experiences along the way. Currently his favourite services are CloudFormation, Lambda, KMS, CloudFront, and Lambda@Edge. He pronounces AMI as A-M-I. TIMETABLE: 6:30 pm Walk in; get to know Drukwerkdeal.nl and have a drink! 7:00 pm Crunchy pizza’s will be delivered 7:30 pm Opening: short presentation DWD 7:45 pm Pim Elshoff 8:15 pm Break 8:30 pm Ben Bridts 9:30 pm Drinks and socializing! 10:30 pm Closure Where? Keulenstraat 4, 7418 ET Deventer When? Thursday 24th of October, at 6:30 PM. Please subscribe before 20th of October.