Vorige Meetups

Wat we doen

Improve your Dutch and explore The Hague in one weekend!

Do you have little time and would you like to improve your Dutch, meet new people and explore The Hague? Please join this group!

Next April I am going to organize a Dutch language weekend in The Hague.

About the weekend:
- You will follow a few intensive lessons Dutch
- You will practise your Dutch by joining different Dutch language events
- You will learn more about our culture
- You will meet new people (locals and internationals)
- You will learn more about The Hague

If you are interested in this weekend please send me an email (mhsbuys@gmail.com), so I can keep you informed.

Fijne dag!

Hartelijke groeten / Best wishes,

Manilde Buys
Dutch Integration Coach
Organizer Dutch language events