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I believe that it would be great to organize a meet up, probably in Amsterdam, for all music makers/producers/professionals. It's a nice opportunity to meet each other, discuss about our passion/profession, exchange thoughts, tips or just have some beers! It could be on a Sunday evening since I think most of us we are pretty busy during the week. Guys from Amsterdam could suggest a place to meet and discuss. Let me know your opinion! Giorgos Tserkis

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    This is a group for anyone interested in music production. From the Bedroom producers to the top notch Hollywood movie composer, passing through DJs, performers, audio engineers, studio owners, record labels or independent sonic explorers. All are welcome. That includes also musicians wanting to connect with producers (and vice et versa). All skills and genres are also more than welcome.

    This group was originally created by Tiago, Henrique, Pedro and Barney who are all music producers and djs from Portugal living in Amsterdam, except for Barney (Amsterdam).

    In September 2014, Edouard, French music Producer, living near Leiden took over.

    The aim here is to connect, share experiences, production tips, pitch opportunities and trigger collaborations between members.

    I am pretty busy with the many music projects and do not live in A'Dam, so will not set up frequent Meetups. So all members are invited to suggest Meetups to connects with other musicians and music producers.

    Let The Music be with you all, always!