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Hello fellow photographers & filmmakers!

What is The Dutch Photography & Filmmaking Meetup (http://www.meetup.com/Rotterdam-Photography-Meetup/) all about?

First of all: it's open for everyone, both amateur and professionals! Like:

- Photographers

- Filmmakers

- Models/Actors

- Photography/Film enthousiasts

- Screenwriters

- Directors

- Enthousiasts that are interested in Photography, Film/ Filmmaking or even better both

Who are we?

John Bakker and me (Joris Maas) are originally both graduated as photographers and in the past years we also started to film when DSLR's got this feature as well. Independent of eachother, we had the same ideas about photography and film and how to get both disciplines together in a nice way.

We hope more people will join the group (so, invite all your friends/family that are interested in photography and film) so we can organize bigger meetings in the Netherlands and invite speakers from the industry.

Also creating content together, talk about it or share work and knowledge with eachother is very important.

Other ideas to consider are:

- organizing photography/film trips to different places

- Giving and following workshops (i.e. if you are filming with quadcopters, you could tell people something about it)

- Attending exhibitions together as a group (FOAM, Fotomuseum Rotterdam, visiting EYE for a movie...)

- Bring photographers and filmmakers closer to eachother (Timelapse photography results in a timelapsevideo for example)

- New media like 360 photography and video for VR headsets like Gear VR, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive

More important:

- Soon......maybe your idea(s)?? Let us know!

Soooo......if you have idea's not mentioned above, please comment in the forum part of this Meetup Group.

Let's make it happen as Dutch community! Meetups will be mainly organized in Amsterdam or Rotterdam so everyone can attend fairly easy. A more centralized city like Utrecht is also a possibility of course!

John & Joris

(january 2017)


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Amazing Model/Fashion shoot in Brussels - Belgium


€ 5,00

Dear member of the Dutch Photography & Filmmaking Meetup! The next event of the Dutch Photography & Filmmaking Meetup will be on the 16th of june at Botanique in Brussels. The locations will be 1. Botanique, Parc of Brussels and eventually the center of Brussels. We will travel by car if we can get enough members with a car or eventually by public transport (www.flixbus.nl goes directly to Brussels Noord which is almost next to Botanique). Check Flixbus fares here: https://shop.flixbus.nl/search?departureCity=2548&arrivalCity=1785&route=Rotterdam-Brussel&rideDate=16.06.2019&adult=1&_locale=nl&wt_eid=2155873945663141030&wt_t=1558808007687&affiliate=%28not+set%29%2C&_ga=2.261413389.1250402249.1558739457-2018411653.1558739457 Attention: It's important to bring a VALID ID when travelling to Belgium. This is your own responsibility. The costs for this event will be 5 euro's for the expenses for the model and the costs for gas if we travel together by car. Please make sure your camera equipment is checked and that you bring umbrella's in case later on the day it will rain (you never know right?). We will start around 11 am and finish around 15:30-16:00 pm when we can eat or drink something in the amazing city center of Brussels (only 5 minute walk from Botanique/ Parc de Bruxelles). We will go back to the Netherlands around 17:00pm We hope to see you the 16th of june, so please RSVP asap! Disclaimer: This photography/filmmaking event is at your own risk! The organisation is non profit and TFP (Time for Pictures) and costs are for you. The 5 euro fee is for the costs we make in order to run this group (I spend a lot of my own money in order to run this group). If you have questions, just contact me (Joris Maas (owner) at [masked]

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