Volgende Meetup

All-in on JavaScript with Volst
JavaScript. It's not the best language but you have to use it on the frontend anyway, so why not everywhere? This meetup will be about JavaScript dominating our lives. The meetup will be hosted by Volst. Volst develops custom software for companies. We love experimenting with new technology! 18.00 - 18.45 Walk in & eat 18.45 - 19.25 Next.js Tim is the lead maintainer of @zeithq’s Next.js, a lightweight framework for static / server-side rendered React which is used at companies like Netflix and Mozilla. Tim will introduce the philosophy, technical architecture and show us the first steps of building a Next application! by Tim Neutkens from ZEIT 19.25 - 20.05 Having fun with lasers and JavaScript Over the last couple of weeks we've played around with the idea of dynamically controlling laser projectors (you know, the ones they use at festivals). We'd like to share which tools we had to built to actually make it all work. by Kees Kluskens and Rutger Schimmel from Volst 20.05 - 21.00 Drinks Note that by attending any of our events, you are agreeing to the code of conduct: confcodeofconduct.com (http://confcodeofconduct.com/)

Microlab Eindhoven

Kastanjelaan · Eindhoven