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IoT Clinic: Workshop Connecting a Node to The Things Network
Join our regular IoT Clinic in the new location at the Warehouse of Innovation in the centre of Eindhoven (the former V&D department store). The IoT Clinic is aimed at bringing different levels of expertise from the community together to share personal IoT builds, support each other with technical challenges and inspire with new ideas and projects. At this IoT clinic we will provide a workshop on connecting a sensor node to The Things Network. Expert Frank Beks will guide step-by-step through connecting your sensor node to The Things Network back-end, programming the node with some real examples and ending with temperature and air-pressure measurement displayed in your own The Things Network console. For more information (on building your own node as well) take a look at Frank's Things Network Lab Story: Creating A TTN Node https://www.thethingsnetwork.org/labs/story/creating-a-ttn-node Required to join this workshop: Laptop and Things Network Sensor Node (pre-soldered node can be purchased from TinyTronics) https://www.tinytronics.nl/shop/nl/communicatie/rf(id)-wifi-bt/things-network-lorawan-node-workshop-2017 Suggested for this workshop: Arduino IDE installed and an account registered with The Things Network New to The Things Network? Join us to find out more about our community built free-to-use urban IoT LoRaWAN network, also look here: The Things Network (https://www.thethingsnetwork.org)

Warehouse of Innovation

Vrijstraat 11 · EIndhvoen

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This a group for anyone interested in building, designing, sharing and making the Internet of Things. Aiming to meet at least once a month to introduce inspiring practitioners, hold practical workshops and share a broad range of technical, design and social perspectives focused on increasing access and creating value with IoT.

Also inspired to build a community interested in following in the footsteps of Amsterdam's The Things Network ... to install a citywide community-owned LoraWAN internet of things data network."By bringing technical and creative talent, professionals and students, together with citizens we aim to discover and develop applications to create new urban and regional value. We also aim to expand from a city-wide open data network to also connect with surrounding towns and villages.”