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Empatiko Open meetup is a new movement of hackers breaking the social status quo and outdated social norms, staring right here in Amsterdam, to build strong and connected community!

Our community events take place once a month. During these workshop-style sessions, we explore a theme around culture and connection:

• Experience exercises based on theater and movement to create physical, emotional and mental awareness on an individual and group level.

• Gain rich meaning and insights to fears, needs, and beliefs that impact your relationships.

• Embrace the freedom and space of giving and receiving attention.

• Create and trying out your own social experiments (we call them "social hacks") to test out new ways of being in the world.

We foster opportunities for people to experience a paradigm shift by reclaiming their freedom, authenticity and creativity in human connection.

What is Empatiko?

We are living in a world where essential foundations of complex deep and rewarding relationships are being squeezed out due to an overemphasis on productivity, perfection, and similarity. On the surface this is contributing to both small and large scale unrest, apathy, and resignation. Underneath, we individually sense this as an emptiness in a “highly connected” society.

Empatiko aims to empower people to collectively reshape the new normal of being related to one another in society. We combine innovative process that derives from psychology, anthropology, design thinking and improv comedy - to inspire creativity and create sustainable growth. Celebrating differences, cultivating authenticity and allowing people to gain powerful insights of their inner world, to build meaningful relationships.

We also organise Social Hack! - by gathering courageous community builders, who want to disrupt what is ‘normal' in public spaces, by organising different manifestations of creative and spontaneous activities, that invite everyone to connect out of their default mode.

Our last social hack was playing kids games right at the Museumplein! If you want to be part of our next hack contact: grazyna@empatiko.org

On our website you can also find all of our current programs and services of innovative workshops for companies, who are interested to build organisational culture from the ground up, at http://www.empatiko.org

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Break Down. Wake Up. Empatiko Open Community Meetup

In this month's community meetup, we're gathering change leaders to explore the connection between mental health, spirituality and innovation. We'll exchange personal stories of our break downs and experience a powerful process to discover the wisdom awakened in periods of distress. ________________________________________________ Mental illness is becoming more pervasive than ever. 1 in 4 people will experience some sort of mental illness in the period of their lives. What if this “illness” phenomena, or the experience of breaking down, is a challenging yet powerful catalyst in waking up? What if these so-called periods of madness hold important wisdom about ourselves, our relationships, and the broader world? What if we could use this wisdom not only to heal ourselves but develop new global contexts and communities that help people connect, learn and grow in the midst of crisis? For those of you who don't know me already ;) I am Meg, founder of Empatiko, a psychology nerd turned business consultant and entrepreneur. Fifteen years ago, I experienced my first awakening - an incredibly painful and profound clinical depression that brought me closer to myself and allowed me to see my relationships and the world through a different lens. Through this experience, I learned the power of storytelling and sharing our breakdowns together in order to collectively wake up. In this session, I'll share my story of breaking down and waking up (hint hint....it's not over!) and then we'll discover together underlying messages beneath our distress. You'll learn tools to be more connected to yourself, making it easier, and faster to read the distress signals and hear the messages. You'll learn how to help each other translate these signals into new actions, new stories, new projects, even new businesses. When we see our distress as sources of wisdom, we can begin this journey of discovery. When we discover this wisdom, we can begin to really heal. Who is this session for? Like all of our community sessions, Empatiko Open is designed to be open for anyone who finds this topic interesting and wants to benefit from trying on new processes and perspectives in an effort to be more deeply connected. We think that this event will be particularly powerful for those who have experienced psychological distress themselves (as you define it!), have a loved one who has experienced psychological distress or work with people who experience psychological distress. Even more exciting: we're looking for speakers! Are you a leader? An entrepreneur? An innovator? An industry disruptor? A change-maker? Have you had your own experience of breaking down and waking up? Did you experience a transformation through a period of so-called madness? We want to hear your story. We want to know your perspective on mental health and innovation and how your personal experience has influenced this perspective. Reach out to [masked] if you are interested in being a speaker or guest on an upcoming podcast!

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Co-coaching introductory evening

FreedomLab Campus

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