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The Trap of Perfectionism, The Gift of Imperfection!
Perfectionism is not about "delivering" perfect outcomes and doing everything right. Perfectionism is the overwhelming worrying of struggling to be perfect and never feeling good enough. Let's find out where this need of being perfect comes from and let's start loving our imperfections and ourselves as we are. This workshop will give you the useful insights and the mental tools you need in order to realize how you can minimize the stress of being perfect and reaching unreachable high standards. In this workshop, you will learn: -the reasons why you choose perfectionism over letting go -how to not overestimate what people think -how to cultivate more self-compassion and forgive yourself for your mistakes -how to not be afraid of failure -how to let go of the need to control -how to let go of your ideal/perfect self and emprace the Real You But not only that! -You will gain back your confidence and your self-acceptance! LIMITED PLACES AVAILABLE - REGISTER NOW FOR TICKETS PLEASE VISIT- https://www.eventbrite.com/e/the-trap-of-perfectionism-the-gift-of-imperfection-tickets-50259626897 Kind regards, Vassia Sarantopoulou Counselor-Psychologist http://www.antiloneliness.com


Schipholweg 103 · Leiden

Wat we doen

If you are struggling with Procrastination, Time Management, Anxiety and being Productive, then this is your group!
We come together to work on a series of exercises, techniques, and tools that can be easily applied to maximize productivity and success in your life.

In this Meetup group, you will:

-learn strategies how to create new habits so that you can easily achieve your TRUE potential

-find out the real reason why you procrastinate and sabotage yourself from taking decisions

-learn about how the brain stops us from making smart moves and gets us stuck into old habits

No more:
*feeling stuck because you don't feel sure about a decision
*wasting time and energy and NOT getting things done
*being afraid of failing or being judged
*minimizing or sabotaging yourself and your accomplishments

Say hello to:
*being more productive and progressing toward your most important goals;
*feeling confident in your decisions
*feeling ready to take risks and make the next step
*new habits that help your personal and professional well-being

But not only that!
-You will be accountable and supported by a group of people who share the same experience, the same concerns and worries, and the same struggle with you.
-You will also connect with talented, bright, people who have a lot of information, experience and support to share with you.

Let's grow as we create a community that can help each other reach our goals!