Wat we doen

This is a book club for anyone who enjoys classic English literature that has withstood the test of time.

We’ll be tittering at the wit of Austen, marvelling at the theatre of Dickens and breathing in Hardy’s country air. The idea is that we all read a particular book and then meet up to discuss it, obviously to the accompaniment of drinks and snacks.

To add a twist, we’d also like people to bring along an item, quote or article related to either the book itself, the characters, the author or any TV or film adaptation. Or perhaps even something with a personal association.

Maybe there’s an illustration or item of clothing from the period that would fit well with the book. Perhaps you’ve found some illuminating information about the author or the setting, or maybe there’s a relevant postcard or photo. Anything that will make one aspect of the novel come to life just that little bit more.


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