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Hi there! Wonder if the Entrepreneurs Exchange is the right place for you? Well, if you like meeting like-minded people and share and learn from each other, have fun and get new perspectives on the things you might have been taking for granted - this is by all means the right place for you! Whether you are just starting out or have had several successful businesses, whether you want to build something locally or internationally, as a solopreneur or with a team - it's great to get together and share with fellow entrepeneurs both your challenges and breakthroughs, your dreams and your doubts and, essentially, get charged with lots of positive energy to boost your moving forward! We are meeting once a month, Just check our calendar for the next scheduled event and come in! We are looking forward to getting to know you!

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Entrepreneurs Exchange - in November

Trattoria Da Massimo

Hi there and welcome to our meet-up! We had a bit longer summer break than usually - so that there will be so much more for us to share! :-) Just as always, we are gathering to meet both old and new fellow entrepreneurs, share best practices as well as discuss challenges we might encounter during our entrepreneurial journey. Come along and get lots of support from your peers - be it through our Hot Seat rounds or just a friendly discussion. Have a topic in mind you would like to spend some time discussing in details? Great! Let us know about it in advance, please, so that we could plan our meetup accordingly. More close to the date we might even announce a guest speaker on the topic appearing of most interest. Look forward to seeing you! Natalia

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Entrepreneurs Exchange - in July

Trattoria Da Massimo