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Super Intensive English Practice: Blitzkrieg English
Do you want an intensive one-day practices session to improve your listening comprehension and fluency. Have you been studying English but need active practice with native English speakers. Doing an intensive session can produce substantial and immediate results and help your confidence. Anticipated Schedule: About Six 1 on 1 or 1 on 2 Sessions and Group Activity depends on dynamics of the group participating Lunch is included Drinks during the 1 on 1 sessions must be purchased on your own. You are not signed up for the session until payment is made.

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€ 250,00

Wat we doen

You can improve your English in a fun social setting. In a group setting, you can learn from others and with my guidance, obtain more fluidity in a speaking in a sociable setting where we discuss the current events, a film, music or even a book or news article.

Socialize with like minded English Language enthusiast in a supportive environment to give you the confidence boost you need to succeed. You can also learn more about me at http://bit.ly/ExecutiveEnglish

Cheers Sue

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