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Thanks for being part of the Expat Republic family (http://www.expatrepublic.com/)! With events running across The Netherlands you're bound to find some really cool folks you can connect with. We hold various events on a regular basis aimed at bringing people together and having good old fashion fun. Please let us know if you'd like to be an event host or organizer: http://www.expatrepublic.com/contact/

The point of our community is to help you meet and get to know locals in and around the city of Amsterdam.

For those of you whom are new to the city and looking for housing checkout:


Setting up Utilities in The Netherlands

• Setting up Home Utilities and where to go (https://www.expatrepublic.com/utilities-in-the-netherlands/)

Just moved and looking for a dentist?

• List of Dentists in The Netherlands (http://www.expatrepublic.com/dentist-in-the-netherlands/)

Dutch Income Tax:

• Dutch Tax Mail receive you Dutch tax letters online (http://bit.ly/2XqqSQi)

• Dutch income tax system explained (https://www.expatrepublic.com/basics-dutch-income-tax-system/)

• Dutch income tax calculator (http://bit.ly/2XwFyJ3)

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Your guide to family matters in the Amsterdam Area

IN Amsterdam (formerly Expatcenter Amsterdam)

Your guide to family matters in the Amsterdam Area Join us at this cosy special breakfast seminar at the IN Amsterdam office, which will be ideal for (expectant) parents who are new to the Amsterdam Area. Enjoy a morning snack and coffee while learning about key family matters. Experts from IN Amsterdam’s partners will be on-hand to give short presentations about topics such as the Dutch education system, daycare centres, private childcare and some of the cultural differences that international newcomers may encounter. Following the presentations there will also be time to chat with the experts and other guests. Programme Date: Wednesday, 28 August Location: IN Amsterdam office 08:15-08:30 – Arrive at the IN Amsterdam office 08:30-10:00 – Presentations 10:00-10:30 – Q&A and time to mingle Topics of the presentations include: International education vs. Dutch education by Young Expat Services & New2NL Simplify your life in the Netherlands by In2motivation Dealing with death, breakups and family emergencies while living in Netherlands by FAM. Advocaten The effects on children when they relocate to a new country by Expat Kids Club Bilingual daycare and how it works by Hestia Kinderopvang Sign up to attend Simply fill in the form below to attend. And if you would like to attend with your partner, please submit the form again using their name and email address. Please note: to complete your registration, check your inbox for the email confirmation and click the link within! If you don’t see this within a minute or two, take a peek in your junk folder. Privacy information In order to register for this event, your name and email address will be recorded in a registration list. The purpose of this is to make it possible for IN Amsterdam to organise the event and for attendees to receive all the necessary information to attend. Your data will not be transferred to third parties. The City of Amsterdam will process your data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Read more about how your personal data is processed and find more information at www.amsterdam.nl/privacy. If you have any questions, please contact the Data Protection Officer by email.

Academie voor Coaching en Counselling Open House 7 September 2019

Are you interested in becoming a coach or counsellor? Would you like to learn how to guide people on their path – life, career, relationship or otherwise? Or would you like to work on improving your communication techniques and people skills, and apply them in your current role or daily life? Then our training programme might be the perfect next step for you. The Academie voor Coaching en Counselling (ACC) offers a two year training programme, both as a classroom course and live online. In the first year you will learn the basics of coaching and counselling, in the second year you can specialize in a field of your preference. Each year has a separate diploma. More info about the training programme: www.counselling.nl/en/. Open House with workshops If you would like to get to know us better, or want to find out if our training programme suits you, please come visit our open house Saturday, September 7th: Date: 7 September 2019 Time: 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm Address: Feniks Talent, Ravellaan 13, Utrecht Entrance is free. During this afternoon you can: Get to know the ACC and our trainers. Receive advice on whether our training programme is right for you. Take part in two workshops: Solution-focused coaching provocative coaching See below for more details about the two workshops. You can register for the day via: http://bit.ly/32TqyZo We look forward to seeing you then! For more details on ACC and the content of the workshops visit: https://www.expatrepublic.com/th_event/academie-voor-coaching-en-counselling-open-house-7-sept-2019/

Navigating the Dutch Job Market - CV Workshop & Personal Branding

Started applying for jobs but somehow you find yourself lost in the jungle that is called "The Dutch Job Market"? This is you: You know how to write a cover letter and make a resume but you're not getting the responses you would like. Additionally, your Dutch is not stellar and so you'll need to differentiate yourself. How do you do that? Expat Republic in cooperation with Edith Veerhoek offer you a masterclass in wich you'll learn about the Dutch job market, how the recruitment process works, and how to beat the system! You'll also learn how to write a resume with which will help you stand out. As a bonus you'll get an explanation on how to update your LinkedIn profile! Get renewed energy and spice up your career. Enroll yourself in our masterclass! We'll discuss the following topics: Writing a CV for the Dutch job market and the job you want Writing a cover letter for the Dutch job market and the job you want Postioning yourself for the role you want Strategies on how to get "discovered" Making HR people work for you Personal Branding on LinkedIn Details of the event: Location of the event: House of Watt, James Wattstraat 73, Amsterdam Date & Time: September 7th 2019 @ 13:45 Format: Seminar / Workshop Tickets can be purchased here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/navigating-the-dutch-job-market-cv-workshop-personal-branding-tickets-64411504544 P.S. When you arrive head to the WEST Room About The Speaker Edith Veerhoek is a coach and a trainer for those seeking new opportunities, personal branding and LinkedIn (amongst other subjects). her clients have been both national and international and she has helped hundreds of people find jobs both in The Netherlands and abroad. Her success rate is 81.5% in helping her clients find their next opportunity!

Finding Dutch Flow : Opening the Floodgates to Dutch Fluency

Finding Dutch Flow is a very special workshop. It will help you to think outside the box, so that more fun and greater results are possible. This is what you will learn: - Why Dutch people love to say that learning Dutch is difficult and why you should not believe them - How to say much more within only a couple of seconds! - How your mind tricks you and how you can open the flood gate to great fluency in Dutch - How speaking a new language really begins - The biggest mistake that most people make and how you can progress much faster instead - Discover how you can learn Dutch at least 7 times faster and - Discover how you can say more things in Dutch than you ever imagined! - How to learn fast while having fun! People that visit this special workshop all state that they start to see more possibilities and that they sense a refreshed sense of optimism….. Finding Dutch Flow : Opening The Floodgate to Dutch Fluency 15th of SEPT 2019 – Sunday morning 10.00 – 13.00 Address : Keizersgracht 8 Amsterdam Free entrance (but you need to register first) via: register via: https://talencoach.nl/programs/openday/

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Living Life as a Coach Workshop & Meet MMS Event

Keizersgracht 62