Wat we doen

Have you ever wondered why you feel and act differently from others - when facing the same situation? Why is it that something excites you and scares other people? How come you crave certain things in life that others don't really care about?

Now this is your chance to dive into the mystery and uncover the truth! Thanks to the help of the well-known Enneagram personality typing exercises, you can discover the truth about not only yourself - but also your loved ones.

What is a better gift to give yourself, than the skill to understand who you are and how you can connect to those you care about - in a style they understand and can relate to? Imagine how that will affect not only your own happiness and sense of peace, but also profoundly enhances your relationships.

How will your life improve when you can see through the walls and understand what others truly mean - whether your partner, friends, colleagues, or your children?

Enneagram personality typing in an internationally known, powerful method to get to the root of your character. There are 9 core types, 3 subtypes and multiple other flavors that make you the unique person you are. And we will tap into this journey together to reach a deeper understanding.

We will have meetups outdoors (when the weather is nice :-) ) or indoors - with group activities and fun exercises to discover your type, and see it in contrast with other attendees.

If you enjoy personal development, enhancing your communication skills, and having fun in an open friendly vibe where you can discover more about yourself, then join us!

And feel free to invite your friends too! They will thank you later, for introducing them to a new life-changing way of communication and understanding.

See you in our next meetup!