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Google Grants
At the next First Friday Fundraiser Session we will be talking about Googe Grants. What are they, how much are they worth, what are the benefits of them, how do you get them and how can you keep them. For anyone who has ventured in the world of Google before, you may know that it is not always very straight forward. At the next First Friday we want to help you find your way through the maze to help you with fundraising success. More information to follow... Costs are 20 euros (including a networking lunch) to be paid before the event.

The Thinking Hut

MAURITSKADE 55C, 1092AD · Amsterdam

€ 20,00

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    The First Friday Fundraiser’s Sessions are part of a series organised and run by the International Fundraising Consultancy. At each session we invite experts to discuss, talk and work through subjects related topics relevant to NGO's, Not for Profit Organisations, social entrepreneurs and start ups. First Friday Fundraiser’s Sessions take place in several international locations including; Kiev, Ottawa, London, Milan and Amsterdam at the same time each month. Each one covers different subject relevant to that country and the local fundraiser’s needs.