Wat we doen

Who should Join?

Do you like meeting people, but do you hate dating? Are you a playful person, but do you often wonder how the world around you has gotten so serious? Do you prefer quirky, surprising, and sometimes suddenly deep conversations, to the polite, mundane and interchangeable ones?

What will our meetup do?

I knew you would find us! We wanted to create a new way in which you can meet a lot of open people in a fun, light and playful way. We like to think we have created a way that’s perfect for expanding your social world, or simply just have a fun night in which you can play and laugh like a kid again, while you’ll sometimes be surprised about how quickly you can connect with a complete stranger.

For a play and meet evening we throw all those things you like in the mix to create the best “mojito of socialness” you ever tasted. Games, group assignments, question cards and more… Things change around quickly, so every 5 minutes you’ll have a new face in front of you to beat (only in games, don’t worry;)) and to dive into the depths of their souls (if you feel like it). In between we will make sure there is enough time to spend more moments with the people who you liked most, or to challenge people for a rematch in the games you secretly deserved to win. After the evening is done you will be socially updated with at least 15 new people.

O yes, and because we like you so much, we’ll buy you a drink when you arrive and one at the end of the evening because you probably really deserved one after all the chatting and playing you did:)

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Get socially updated and go for fun on first sight!


€ 10,00