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The Virginia Podcasters Association (VAPODA) -- Sponsored by Gagglepod (http://gagglepod.com/) -- is a podcasting community dedicated to podcast education, collaboration, and development. Located just outside the Washington DC Metro Area (in historic Fredericksburg, Virginia), we enjoy learning how to podcast, talking about podcasting, and networking with fellow podcasters!

Come learn more about podcasting from our monthly podcasting talks (http://gagglepod.com/) that are designed to give you straightforward, down-to-earth information, actionable insights, and pro-tips for starting, improving, and growing your podcast!

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How your podcast looks matters

England Run Library

How your Podcast looks matters. Welcome to our new location at Howell Branch (England Run) we are excited to have a new home for Virginia Podcasters Association. For this first meeting, we will meet in room 4, for the rest of the meetings Room 3. Our topic this month is How your podcast looks matters. Kyle and Tim will show you how a podcast looks through various podcast apps and how you can design your show/website to make it easier for your listeners. 7:00 - 7:15 introductions 7:15- 8:00 topic presentation and Q&A 8:00 - 8:45 Podwrecked Recording To learn more, please visit VAPODA (http://vapoda.org). We are also teaming up with Podwrecked (Podwrecked.com) and doing a show right after our Meet-Up. Feel free to stick around and see how we do our show and join in. We discuss topics on how to avoid wrecking your podcast. Be part of the conversation.

The Fred Rogers Method of Podcasting

England Run Library

Welcome to July's MeetUp of the Virginia Podcasters Association VAPODA. Meeting in Room 3, 7 to 715 intro, 715 to 8 presentation 8 to 845 live recording of Podwrecked. This month we discuss how to break the 4th wall and really reach out to your audience. Get tips from Timothy Kimo Brien and his years of Theater, Improv and podcasting experience. We will show you different techniques you can use today to help you reach your goals. This talk is a warm-up for Tim's talk at Mid Atlantic Podcasting Conference in Sept 2019 at Atlantic City. If you can't make the conference then this will be your chance to hear it. Have a question about how to make your podcast better reach out to us at gagglepod.com or vapoda.com and see how our team can help you.

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Podcast Launch Fundamentals

Germanna Community College